Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving and Thankful Living!

It was nice to have a Sunday dinner with my family. We talked and laughed remembering moments for years past. This reminded me of when I was dating the lady who is now my wife. I didn't matter what we did or planned for the date. The important thing was that we were doing it together. I learned that those moments were creating memories. This Thanksgiving I hope you won't get hung up on the details but get caught up in those moments creating memories. Being Thankful is part of my journey! I hope it is part of yours too!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pay-It-Forward Thanksgiving!

As I journey into November, I look forward to one of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving! On one episode of "The Golden Girls", Sophia (Estelle Getty) wants to have a mock funeral complete with a eulogy. As a sitcom there were comedic parts of the episode, but the point of the storyline stuck with me. Sophia wanted to know how she was appreciated when she was alive. This is something she wouldn't know after she had passed on. I hope on your journey, you may have a Pay-It-Forward Thanksgiving! Appreciate and give thanks for those important to you by letting them know. Thanks!