Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Change ahead!

Twice a year, I evaluate my life and look at the things that need to be changed. As students return the classroom, I examine my own life lessons, setting goals and priorities. Personally, some of these changes will be difficult, but most will be fairly easy. For my readers (which I am grateful for), I will be doing more blogging. My changes include the realms of "spiritual, physical, emotional, financial and creative". This blog will also include audio content on occasion, which will allow you to listen and not always have to read.
 In my life, the times I've noticed that my world becomes stagnant or depressing, I have learned it is because I have not been using my "creativity".  I am very excited about these changes and look forward to inspiring you on your journey. My challenge: If your life is stagnant or depressing, a better life is only a "change " away. It might not be easy. It might take all your strength. It might challenge you in ways you never thought possible. It will be worth it. Don't complain about your circumstances, change them. On your journey there will be many changes. Be the Change!

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